Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chapters in a Book

Do you ever feel like your life is chapters from a book?  I sure do.  Three books even...there was book one, when I was a single woman/girl just worrying about myself.  I am in book two now, married, mom of children headed towards adulthood quickly! I suspect book three will be wife and individual....lots of room for that book to change!  It is probably because I have just turned 44-craziness in itself and we had our 15th wedding anniversary which is wonderful....I feel like we have accomplished something with that number for sure.

I was trying to decide what to write about in this blog post..I love sharing cooking adventures and furniture adventures, which I did just have one with Cori from Starview Sonnet , we had a chalk paint workshop & used some tips from Miss Mustard Seed...totally fun & thank you Ms Cori for being such a gracious hostess...but this time I thought maybe I would go all philosophical.

You maybe wondering why I am blathering about the whole book analogy...well, as a family we might be thinking about changing some stuff up...and when I say as a family I mean it affects the whole family.  It is just making me think hard about things and that is good really.  Sometimes I get stuck in a rut and I need a really reality shaking event to make me widen my horizons.  Seems like the older I get I notice that our circles can get smaller if we are not its good to change it up mentally, healthy actually. 

Anyhow....we will see how it all goes and I will keep you posted when and if anything earth shattering happens!  I also PROMISE to post some photos ASAP showing new stuff at the Country Store....thanks all!

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