Friday, April 15, 2011

and we're baaaaaack! (Jimmy Fallon being funny)

So much fun!  With a little scary adventure being thrown in for good measure...the scary you wonder?  Oh just two tornadoes right next two us, geographically speaking!  We had a good if long drive there & by the way be sure to gas up in Wyoming if you can, gas is about 75cents cheaper there than Oregon.  The mountains outside of Ogden were just gorgeous...see picture below & in Oklahoma City and Arkansas they are already planting their tomatoes!  We have a couple more weeks at least -thank goodness for my AeroGarden!  

Loved, Loved, Loved the antique stores in Missouri and Nebraska, just as before they have the best stuff!  I adore all the 1920s 30s farm items you can still get there -wonderful stuff!  The Honest Peddler just off the highway near Lamar MO was wonderful and Memories in Lexington NE I must confess were my favorites for the big stuff, for some serious deals check out the Hilltop Mall in Russellville AR, you have to dig a little but really good finds are there.  I am still kicking myself for a couple of treasures I let slip by me in Missouri...ce la vie!  If you want some super yummy food check out Swopes just outside of Kansas foot long sausage dog ever!  Some seriously delicious fudge at a wonderful Pecan place right before there...yum yum!  Now I just wish gas wasn't so stinking expensive so I could go back and get those treasures I missed!  Come visit me at the Country Store in Walla Walla and see all my new treasures PLUS at Bohemian Boutique,15 SE Court in Pendleton, I will have some of my yummy Keepers of the Light Candles and some adorable vintage cheese boxes from my trip!

Mountains outside of Ogden UT: