Monday, April 23, 2012

Bahn Mi ....

Have you heard of Bahn Mi?  It is a super tasty sandwich I first became aware of on Food Network's Food Truck Challenge.  It came about during Vietnam's occupation by France and has evolved from there.  It is a "sub type sandwich" that is made on a baguette with roasted meats, sweet picked carrots and pâté among other things.  Sounds kind of odd when you first hear the ingredients but even my proudly redneck husband just loved it!  

I don't know if I have shared that I really enjoy cooking and learning new I am a total tightwad and I like to save money! So...that being said, I did not want to pay a fortune to purchase pâté so I decided to make my own.   Here is my very inexpensive recipe, in total it cost me about $6 for 36 servings!  I hope you will try it and enjoy it as much as we have.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

Mirrored Church Window Dolled Up for Easter.
I just love Easter!  I love the colors, the awakening of spring, the sense of renewal and rebirth..its wonderful! The food is great too, ham baked with pineapple and honey, scalloped potatoes, green beans- Yum!  I wish my sweet sister was closer but its a long drive for a day so we usually do it just as immediate family, sometimes friends will come as well.  On my pinterest board I pinned under Entertaining the cutest deviled eggs...I am going to make those as well as homemade chocolate bunnies filled with peanut butter!  Found the how to here on Allrecipes.  Love that website!

I thought I might share my simple home decor for Easter...another reason to enjoy the day..simple works wonderfully!  I got the wreath at Joann's and the little bunnies at the Dollar Store and the large rabbit from Safeway Floral! Love it!  All of the glass cannisters I found at yard sales for like $1 each! If you are curious about the finish on the wall its Ralph Lauren's amazing Candlight Finish...I got mine from Home you do need the rollers and corner tool. I get more compliments on my dining room because of that finish..its really wonderful.  Below are a couple of my favorite milkglass cakeplates with lovely cloches taking the cute factor way up! 

The postcards are home prints I did using images from the amazing
Graphics Fairy...such a generous soul!

and on the opposite side of the buffet:

sweet simplicty!
Have a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Showers....

Maryhill Museum in Washington State along the Magestic Columbia River Gorge

I am sooooo slow getting posts done..bad me!  Last week was the kids spring break and I have to confess we were home most of the week and I was so lazy, all I did was read books and watch movies!  It rained and rained although we did have a lovely day last monday.  We drove to Maryhill Museum, a totally unexpected jewel in the high plateau of southeastern Washington, it overlooks the amazing Columbia River and is just 2 miles from Maryhill Winery...also a recommended stop...they have a fantastic amphetheater that gazes out over the Columbia as well.  The museum has wonderful gardens and the view is breathtaking.  They have albino Peacocks too!  Sometimes we will just pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the gardens.  Usually we drive the Oregon side of the Columbia, being from Oregon and all, but this time we decided to take the Washington side.  I am so glad we did, we got to see it from a whole new perspective and I have to say I think I enjoyed it more, its very peaceful on the Washington side, not so much developement along the river.

 The afternoon worked out to be clear so this is what we got to see on the drive up:
Stunning Mt Hood, view from Washington side of the Columbia River.
Thanks so much for checking in and I hope you will try the visit to Maryhil l- it is truly gorgeous.