Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone & My New Years Resolution

I have been a bad....well not really bad...just very busy girl!  I love all the projects I get to do but it sure makes the time fly...I love my posting time but if I have to choose between doing or writing about it I am going to choose doing! 

So my goal is to have my office studio all cleaned up from the chaos of Christmas and ready to go for New Years.  I am dedicating one of my work tables to stay clear for my children to do little projects with me.  It usually just ends up piled with stuff and that is uneccesary and it will be nice for them to come in and do projects with me when they want and when they aren't using it I will have it set up as a wrapping station which will still leave room for them on a regular basis....useful in multiple of my favorite things! 

Happy New Years Everyone!  Make your goal something that pleases you and that serves a purpose and it will probably be something that sticks....well we hope anyhow!