Thursday, December 28, 2017

2018-Can You Believe It!

Shocking to me that 2017 is almost has been a very busy year...lots of changes and thinking about what is right for me.  I am studying Marketing and Business and working.  Looking forward to updating my thought processes!

To that end I have let go of the Pampered Chef rep portion of my life...locally people should look to my dear friend Angela -she shared the amazingingness of those products with me initially and does an amazing job always for her customers.

Here's to 2018 being the best it can be for all of us!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Greetings & my Pampered Chef Adventure!

I don't know about you all but my 2017 is going by soooo fast!  I am shocked that it has been so long since I posted...apologies!

Lots of changes for me...good over all for sure!  The one I really want to share with you all is my adventure as a Pampered Chef person.  I have been a fan of Pampered Chef for over 20 years...which is crazy that I am old enough to use numbers like that...LOL!  I think that stuff sneaks up on a person for sure.

My children are both off to college and I was ready for a new adventure plus like a said I just love their stuff.  What really, really sold me was their amazing spiralizer!  I have been trying to incorporate much more veggies in my diet and I love spring win, win with this amazing tool.

When doing spring rolls I have learned it is all about the I get all my veggies spiralized, the carrot, english cucumber or zucchini, poach my shrimp in lime juice with minced garlic, julienne some cabbage or iceburg lettuce, sweet red peppers & sweet onions, make lime wedges and have fresh basil and yummy slices of avocado on hand.  I simply put the strands of rice vermicelli into very hot tap water and put a lid on the container right when I start my prep.

Then you just quickly dip your wrapper into a bowl of room temp water, lay it on your plate and start assembling & wrapping your rolls.  My favorite dipping sauce, by far, is a mixture of 2 parts Lighthouse Ginger Sesame dressing, 1 part soy sauce with a dollop each of Garlic Chili Sauce and Sesame Oil - so yummy!  I use this also on any leftover veggies or vermicelli threads as a cool sauce...tasty with just a little kick to keep you alert!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial.  My plan is to try and share a product I love and how I use it each week.  So many things have me week is the cold brew coffee maker and how I do iced summer coffee...very refreshing!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy these little is a bit out of my comfort zone but 2017 is all about learning new things for me!  Enjoy your weekend!