Thursday, September 9, 2021

Time for a Change

It's been a little while now (!) since I have updated this blog.  Big News: I am changing jobs now after 17 years with my current position, thru today anyhow, and eagerly looking forward to my new position.  That being said,  I have spent fully 1/3 of my life in my current position and that comes with some angst and anxiety now that I am leaving.  

I don't know about you, kind reader, but change is challenging for me. I am happiest when I know which way to turn and I like familiar patterns.  I really enjoy innovation but the actual change itself is hard for me.  Takes me a little while to get my bearings and I am usually very twitterpated about not letting people down, yup I am a people pleaser, I confess. I will still do the occasional Cayuse Cowgirl project but all good things as they say... 

Like the art says See the Bright Opportunity in Each New Day.  So on those lines, I have also begun writing for Parent Magazine, a local publication of the Eastern Oregonian.  That is pretty neat! I find it very validating that I have truly been able to make sincere strides forward since I got divorced. In less than five years I have gotten my bachelor's degree and am beginning a new career, all at the new 33 which is 53!  

It is kind of funny where we find inspiration. For me, the movie Bohemian Rhapsody was one.  When Miami Beach shares that Fortune Favors the Bold and then Freddy's father's mantra of: Kind Thoughts, Kind Words, Kind Deeds really summed up my ongoing inspirations of #KindnessMatters and #BeTheGood. So that is what I am going to keep on doing, making sure that I strive each day to #BeTheGood, using Kind Thoughts, Words and Deeds as my tools.  ♥Marlee