Monday, December 30, 2013

Dreaming of Belle...

Earlier this year I purchased a 1968 Belle Travel Trailer...she is so sweet, just the right size and I am in love!  My kind husband has pulled most of the old interior out...she is going to serve multiple functions but we have left her kitchen in place to keep that nostalgic feel.  She will function modern but look vintage from the outside and from the sales window.  We probably can not afford to get her mechanicals taken care of this year but she will get her furniture built out and get painted inside and a new window for sure this summer.  Plus a new hitch...her old one died...we will get the new Trailer Valet style hitch helper.  The large side window will get replaced with a slider style window that is about 4" taller so it will balance out the other window in the front and this will serve as her sales window counter.

I designed her logo this summer as well and I have to say it is so hard not to put it on her right now!  Being a girl of the west I wanted Belle to tie in my family heritage with our BBQ Business and the play on her name was just here is Belle's logo:
which nicely compliments our BBQ logo:
I foresee lots of this style:
please note the use of white to brighten, but she is basically going to be a really nice kitchen on wheels so this will also come into play...with some comfie seating options for when she is off work:
The three sink layout above will be in her front nose and will lose the upper shelves because the window will be there and have all white open shelving with a sink skirt so it will be softened up by the fabric...the counters will be butcherblock tops or stainless, she will have cute window treatments...our goal is that she be a classy addition to a wedding in all shades of white, grey and wood with fun vintage accents....I can not wait!   Since her plumbing won't go in this year she is going to be a pretty backdrop and show room for our BBQ Sauce and other products we make.  She will be at a show in June and perhaps a wedding in May.    I will keep you updated, she comes home in March and then we will start working on her again.  Too cold in Eastern Oregon to work in January or February...
Here is to New Years Wishes & Dreams!