Monday, December 30, 2013

Dreaming of Belle...

Earlier this year I purchased a 1968 Belle Travel Trailer...she is so sweet, just the right size and I am in love!  My kind husband has pulled most of the old interior out...she is going to serve multiple functions but we have left her kitchen in place to keep that nostalgic feel.  She will function modern but look vintage from the outside and from the sales window.  We probably can not afford to get her mechanicals taken care of this year but she will get her furniture built out and get painted inside and a new window for sure this summer.  Plus a new hitch...her old one died...we will get the new Trailer Valet style hitch helper.  The large side window will get replaced with a slider style window that is about 4" taller so it will balance out the other window in the front and this will serve as her sales window counter.

I designed her logo this summer as well and I have to say it is so hard not to put it on her right now!  Being a girl of the west I wanted Belle to tie in my family heritage with our BBQ Business and the play on her name was just here is Belle's logo:
which nicely compliments our BBQ logo:
I foresee lots of this style:
please note the use of white to brighten, but she is basically going to be a really nice kitchen on wheels so this will also come into play...with some comfie seating options for when she is off work:
The three sink layout above will be in her front nose and will lose the upper shelves because the window will be there and have all white open shelving with a sink skirt so it will be softened up by the fabric...the counters will be butcherblock tops or stainless, she will have cute window treatments...our goal is that she be a classy addition to a wedding in all shades of white, grey and wood with fun vintage accents....I can not wait!   Since her plumbing won't go in this year she is going to be a pretty backdrop and show room for our BBQ Sauce and other products we make.  She will be at a show in June and perhaps a wedding in May.    I will keep you updated, she comes home in March and then we will start working on her again.  Too cold in Eastern Oregon to work in January or February...
Here is to New Years Wishes & Dreams!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

All I Want for Christmas Is....

Candied Jalapenos for ALL!  We are stocked up for the holidays on our amazing Candied Jalapenos.... and the more you buy the better the price! Additionally, for those in your life that cannot get enough we now have a limited number of Magnum Jars of Candied Jalapenos! 80oz of Candied Jalapenos goodness-YUM!  Contact us view BBQ Buckwild Facebook Messaging to Order Yours Today...Plus we are having a BBQ Buckwild Tshirt Giveaway...sign up on our facebook site by Thanksgiving to win!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun Prizes...for FREE -OH MY!

Cayuse Cowgirl and BBQ Buckwild are proud to partner again this year in this amazing sale, so please like our sale on FACEBOOK for more updates! PLUS.... (scroll down)
be sure to come because.....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

98% Done!

Ok here is the look...sans some trim & hardware...of the kitchen.  

Our fancy new Verona stove ...installed with cabinetry!  Pretty proud of the little piece on the left...a heavily modified island from Ikea to match the Varde piece we already had...did a pretty good job if I do say so myself!
Here is our Breakfast & Baking Bar where our old stove used to be...lucked out and found some more of our vintage handles on Ebay...those should be here this week plus the under cabinet lifts I ordered from shelf lifts...should put it all into place nicely!  This is also a Varde piece from Ikea...I am sad to say it looks as if they are phasing out this line...which is a bummer because they are mostly real wood...and came with the butcher block top which is now an added feature.  I was kind of nervous ordering this piece, the specs said it was going to be about 5" too wide for this area but from the photo it looked as if those five inches were all overflow from the top...which they were!  So we trimmed it down and skipped the center shelf so we could put the microwave down underneath the center drawer and I use gallon jars to store dry goods in bulk...basically it has exactly the look I was going for...vintage with a modern twist!   Thanks so much for following along!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Progress on the Amazing New Verona Stove!

I remembered!  We are about the 1/3 mark on the mini kitchen remodel.  This is where the new stove will go, the hood vent has been hung and vented, part 1 of the Gordon's work.  Waiting for the mirror backsplash being installed by C&H Glass and the electrical half (part 2) of the work done by Gordon's Electric of Pendleton.  Fingers crossed that should all be done by Friday!  Those guys are all amazing and so nice about working with each other's schedules.  It is appreciated!

So this is what it looks like right is NOT pretty!
but remember, this amazing Verona stove is going to fill in that ugly spot:
It is scheduled to arrive on Monday....
then we are going to go Buckwild Baby!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fancy Schmancy...

So I have shared and shared how excited we are for our new BBQ venture.  I don't think I have shared I have totally pined for a fancy commercial style stove for ever and ever.  So guess what my husband says?  Honey, we need a bigger stove, order one!  OMG can you just imagine how fast I was online and shopping for the lovely Ventura stove below...oddly enough I had this in my wish list -WEIRD!  LOL! 

So here is our stove currently, very nice, convection, dual burners...not big enough to make 3 batches at a time...
This is for sale by the way!  Original price was $2198, asking $800 - Hood Vent is also for sale $250.
-feel free to email me!

This is where the new stove will go which coincidentally is where the original wood burning stove went in 1915!
(this marble topped base cabinet will be for sale also!  Its going to get a pretty bead board back and be just cute as heck)

This is what the new stove looks like!  The new hood vent looks a lot like the old one just bigger.
Isn't she gorgeous!

Ok I will try to be good and keep up on my pictures during the remodeling process...we should be all done by the end of the month -Yippee!
Thanks for sharing with me...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everything Personal....

For all of last month we had been crushing hard on getting ready for the Pendleton Buckaroo BBQ challenge with our new BBQ venture, BBQ Buckwild.  It has been an amazing rush...organizing what we want to have showing, what we need to take, how can we do a good job making sure everything is pretty and perfect.  Well as perfect as we can make it not ever having done a Challenge before!  My sweet husband has been practicing and making some amazing BBQ.  I have been creating lots of special promo items and trying to make us look as uniquely professional as possible. 

Had a bit of a setback mid month, hence the delay in posting, computer BLUE SCREENED!  Luckily we found a great technician and he fixed me up.  The Challenge went really well and we ended up finishing 3rd in Ribs...great for our first time! 

My husband has FINALLY agreed to let me try adding to our line of please check back on the BBQ Buckwild facebook page to see our adventures on that if you are curious.  Here is a picture of the crew in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Challenge..

PS I will be posting exciting new changes to our kitchen-directly related to our sauce venture! Can't wait to share! 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just like New!

Ok, so I LOVE my couches, a matching pair...sadly I did not love the less than perfect fabric they had been upholstered in.  It was literally wearing out after only 6 months!  What to do...couldn't justify replacing them, they were a great shape and scale, didn't want to pay almost as much as they cost to get them reupholstered so...SLIPCOVERS to the rescue! 

I love the relaxed look of comfy and family friendly. So I found a great shop that not only picked up my couches but delivered them back with my matching new slipcovers and fitted cushion covers for less than half what it would have cost to have one of them reupholstered.  Yeah team!  I big shout out to Walter's Upholstery of Walla Walla, WA and my friend Cori at Starview Sonnet for the recommendation.  Love them!

Remember, if there is a will there is a way!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Look what I did!

Got a double batch of my famous Candied Jalapenos all ready for the Pendleton Cattle Barons Weekend ....thank you so much for the encouragement friends!  Please feel free to message me if you can't wait that long to get a jar.  I will have 2oz, 4oz & 8oz jars ready to go tomorrow after labeling is completed!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I love you love BBQ too?

My sweet husband has been going crazy with real old fashioned smoked bbq....and I have been helping him!  We have come up with a new side venture called BBQ Buckwild and it is doing great!  You can check us out at if you like...but I have to show you a picture of our yummy, yummy meats and hope that you get some smoked meat soon on your plate!

above is Tri Tip with our signature rub & sauce, below is our rub on brisket, lamb & pork butt...soooo good!

these photos are a bit fuzzy but let me tell you it all tasted AMAZING!  We have really dialed in on a flavor profile that represents us and the Northwest...we are selling sauce faster than we can make it!  Thanks for letting me crow a bit...its just cool to have something that the whole family is contributing to and enjoys!  Have a great day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Excuses Given

I adore white....I love the clean, airy feeling of it.  The classic, never goes out of style of it.  I like to change it up now and again but always, always I come back to white.  Now thanks to Mr Amazing Matthew Mead I will have a white Easter as well!  Check out his clever collection below:
So cute right?  I can't wait to do the little bunnies with their adorable carnation tails...oooohhhh and the super adorable white chocolate bunnies!  I knew there was a reason I was saving those white chocolate chips I bought on sale before Christmas!  Plus, how sweet are those cupcakes! LOVE!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones...white bunnies or not! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting Organized for Etsy Photoshoots

Ok after studying some good ideas on my dearest Pinterest (!) I created a little photo setup that works pretty darn well!  All I have to do is swivel back and forth from photo shoot to my computer and enter the listings.  Still working on the light a little but I have the camera all setup and I finally have a valid reason to have a tripod and remote button for my camera...aside from the amazing photobooth I made for parties that is -LOL!  Be sure to check me out on Etsy...I have quite a few listings up now and I will continue to post more as time goes goal is 6-10 per week.  Thanks for keeping up with my adventures!

Friday, February 15, 2013

I am an Etsy Shop Owner!

Oh...Wow!  I finally did it! I actually opened my online Etsy shop!

I have been a registered Etsy user as cayusecowgirls since 2010 which is also when I launched my website & blog but I hadn't yet opened my actual shop....with the encouragement, once again!, of my dear friend Cori from Starview Sonnet....I have actually launched!  Over the weekend I will add more items.  I feel a little weepy, dumb I know but I have been thinking and thinking on this for over three years and now I finally pulled the trigger.  Thank you for following along with me and my little dream!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

My brain is on FIRE!

Oh My Gosh!  I have been working with my friend Cori from Starview Sonnet on updating her website and ....WOW!  I have just exploded with ideas! I am all over freshening up my pages, as you can see, plus I am opening my etsy store this weekend, please be sure to check that out...very excited about that as well. 

Here is how we have reimagined Cori's website, it now looks like this:

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my excitement and Happy Valentines!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Now that the holidays are over I want to share one of my favorite tricks for adding that personal yet professional touch to your gifts.        Custom Labels!

This year I made several gifts from my kitchen.  One thing was homemade Irish Creme.  I wanted to reuse some Starbucks bottles I had, love that vintage milk bottle shape.  By the way if you are having issues getting the sticky off, use goo gone and scrub, scrub, scrub, then run them through your dishwasher to get the residue off and you have wonderful bottles to reuse!  Remember the lids won't be able to be resealed so you will need to let your person know that item needs to be refrigerated if it is something perishable.  Back to the labels...

I wanted simple & adorable labels so I went to my favorite supplier,  I have used them for many, many labels over the years.  For my business, employer and for personal projects.  I love, love, love that you can download a pdf template, import it into publisher and use that as a "frame" to build your label in.  They also have software called "maestro" I believe but Publisher and I are great friends so I stick with them.  I have designed water bottle labels for conventions, food labels, business cards, gift labels...even custom newsletter tabs!  I love that they have a HUGE variety of materials: color, metallic, clear and a variety of textures, glossy, matte and cardstock.  All the labels come in a custom clamshell that you can open and close easily to store your extra labels in or reuse after the project has completed.  I have to say that my absolute favorite labels are those in the clear and glossy variety.  Their adhesive is fantastic and works wonderfully.  They have a huge variety of templates and shapes and that is inspiring in itself.  I am also a comparison price shopper and I have not found anyone that touches them for pricing.

I hope you will try them out next time you need to make some custom labels for products, they have mailing labels all the way through custom water and wine bottles.  Heck they even have cigar labels!  Amazing and so great for that DIY bride or home designer.  Have fun!

They are having a contest right now too...check out this link to win an ipad Mini!  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Organizing in January!

Traditionally in January we have cleaning & purging far my teenage children have cleaned and purged their clothes and outdated toys & decor and we have donated those prior to the end of the year (got to love tax breaks). 

Now I plan on cleaning the basement and organizing that as well as building some storage shelves in our closets and organizing that chaos!  I created a board on pinterst for clever closet storage, plus great pantry projects, my pantry isn't too bad but I do think pantry & closet projects go together. Now  I am not one who needs my jar & can labels to be organized perfectly but I do like things to fit well on shelves and maximize space. 

I often buy in bulk and decant to large gallon jars and I also repurpose cute jelly jars for spices and custom spice blends in our cabinet as well.  One of my favorite finds are half gallon jars that use the same lid and have the same circumference but are just half the height of regular ones.  So charming and perfect for rice & beans.  I like to blend the vintage charm of our 1915 kitchen with restaurant style kitchens, lots of stainless and bulk storage on easy display, it compliments each other nicely.
I am hoping in the new year to have my most successful garden yet as well, have some fun ideas in mind as shown here,  hoping to tile our cracking front steps and do some repainting of trim and the kitchen and bathroom.  Thankfully the painting projects are just to brighten not change the color so those will go fast! 

So here is to late winter projects and the promise of spring!