Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wow, wow, wow AGAIN -2019!  5 months into 2019 even. 

Life is such an adventure.  Since my long ago post I have gotten 2 degrees, working on a third this fall.  Been designing furniture for an exciting new restaurant/coffee bar & lounge.  Pretty excited about that one especially.  I love historic buildings and this is one of the very oldest in my neighboring city.  Doing a fun mix of vintage industrial with a clean crisp look. I will share, promise! Once the pieces have become actual fact rather than a vision in my head and on paper.

My eldest graduates from university in June - a full year early!  She is sooo smart.  My son is in his 2nd year at college studying engineering and becoming a man-no longer a boy.   You know how it is fellow moms, seems like it was almost yesterday that they were naked, running thru the yard with a hose chasing each other on a warm summer day.  Sigh...

Well now in my incarnation 3.0 I am working on improving myself.  Growing, having fun learning about myself again.  Life is so fun, so full of changes.  Never stop trying to grow, learn, love, have adventures...we only life once...that we know of!

Happy summer to you all,