Sunday, July 21, 2013

98% Done!

Ok here is the look...sans some trim & hardware...of the kitchen.  

Our fancy new Verona stove ...installed with cabinetry!  Pretty proud of the little piece on the left...a heavily modified island from Ikea to match the Varde piece we already had...did a pretty good job if I do say so myself!
Here is our Breakfast & Baking Bar where our old stove used to be...lucked out and found some more of our vintage handles on Ebay...those should be here this week plus the under cabinet lifts I ordered from shelf lifts...should put it all into place nicely!  This is also a Varde piece from Ikea...I am sad to say it looks as if they are phasing out this line...which is a bummer because they are mostly real wood...and came with the butcher block top which is now an added feature.  I was kind of nervous ordering this piece, the specs said it was going to be about 5" too wide for this area but from the photo it looked as if those five inches were all overflow from the top...which they were!  So we trimmed it down and skipped the center shelf so we could put the microwave down underneath the center drawer and I use gallon jars to store dry goods in bulk...basically it has exactly the look I was going for...vintage with a modern twist!   Thanks so much for following along!