Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Fall Adventures

Oh my gosh, so much going on!  The babies are are back to school, Jr. High both of them so I guess I shouldn't really say babies but you Moms out there know what I mean I am sure.  Time for Football and Volleyball games and practices, more homework than they know what to do with, but they are terrific and are doing a great job.

I am now at Pendleton Art and Frame instead of Bohemian Boutique.  That was a terrific place to spend the summer but it is really more of a clothing store than home decor items so the invitation to come to Pendleton Art and Frame was a blessing.  It was rush, rush for them in their new location with Round Up coming and rush, rush for me to get more items ready and build a display but we all made it through and the store looks amazing!

Getting ready for a run over to the Country Store with some fun Fall items...I am definately channeling black, white and grey for the fall...with some moody greens thrown in for good measure.  Starting to get ready for the Holidays, wrapping my brain and creativity around that.  I thankfully have had a tons of energy, guess all that stored up rest from my break this summer has kicked in.  I have been pumping out lots of projects that have been on hold...can't wait to share them.  I will have pictures uploaded next week of the new look in Walla Walla at Country Store.

We are headed to the coast next week as well for a working vacation weekend.  I will do buying for the store and pick up some materials for projects available on the west side of the state.  I look forward to sharing those projects and goodies with everyone through the Holidays.  Oh course we will enjoy all the central and northern part of the Oregon coast has to offer, my husband is looking forward to the sale at the Rogue am I.   I have a craving for some Cheddar Ale Soup with a crusty yummy bread to dip in it!  Found this yummy sounding recipe at the Pelican Pub & Brewery Blog.

This is another adventure we are looking forward to traveling down the Oregon Coast on the amazing
and crossing over bridges like this gorgeous old bridge....

Gorgeous- be sure to check back with me soon...