Monday, January 30, 2012

I have been a bit shy sharing some of the things I like to do here on the blog.  I have been super happy contributing my ideas and participating in the First Citizen's Banquet here in Pendleton.  It's truly amazing what these civic minded people have been able to accomplish.  One of the cool side things that comes out of this annual dinner is a table decorating contest.  Basically different area entities, businesses & groups, etc., sign up to sponsor a table for 10.  Part of the process is to create a themed centerpiece and coordinating individual settings.  Of course everyone hopes to win but in the end its all about making it a special and festive night for the evenings winners, the citizens and those there to honor them. 
I have been fortunate have been asked to design the table for the Pendleton Cattle Baron's for the last several years.  I would like to share this years table with you all.  I created each item on our "Take Time to Treasure Yourself" themed table, as well as creating a raffle prize display.  It was fun, we were able to create it fairly thriftily, considering it was for 10 plus a center prize!  Thanks for sharing this with me and please excuse the photo quality, my iphone and I need to have a talk!

was the overall look, everything was a play on "treasure"

 I created custom labels for the handmade spa kits containing a candle with custom labeled matches, bath salts and sugar body scrub.  They also got a candy box with the center "treasure box" image on it and filled with dark chocolate coffee beans!  I know I keep using the word custom but it truly was!
this was the raffle prize we provided as well-a lucky party of four is going to have a blast mid May! I am pleased how it turned out and happy to have been asked to contribute!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kicking Off the New Year Right...

Well as you can see I have made a few changes.  Trying to streamline, beautify & modify!  I hope you like it.  The old website was a learning curve for me and when it came time to renew I decided to go this way instead, simplier, cleaner, clearer is the goal.  I hope you all like it!

PS Its been a month now and my office studio is still clean!  Cleaner -dare I say!  The kids are really liking coming in and hanging out, a lot more good conversations are happening -AMAZING what a little organization can accomplish! Thanks for the visit!