Wednesday, March 30, 2011

and we are packing....

So excited!  almost time to go, I am really looking forward to the shopping -promise! But even more than that the road trip with my sweet family has me really excited... LOVE THEM!  Can't wait to hit this spot and experience it all!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Excited! New Candles are Coming!

Can't wait!  I am ordering my favorite candles ever again! The Keepers of the Light...they are sooo good! They smell JUST like whatever the scent is, I am can't wait to enjoy the new Chocolate Chip Cookie and Butterscotch Pudding plus old favorites like Almond Pound Cake and Juicy Apple...and when you have used up the candle...about 180 hours later! have the adorable jar to use as well!  I will have them at Bohemian Boutique in Pendleton as well as at the Country Store in Walla Walla-Come check them out!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Jove! I think I've got it...

I may just be getting some of this stuff figured out...thank goodness!  I successfully posted a new picture on my website of my booth in Walla Walla at the Country Store - love, love, love it there!  I helped my new friend and partner in "crime" at Bohemian Boutique get rolling on her website and we are brainstorming about fun things for her store that she kindly lets me bring pretties into for everyone here in Pendleton AND I actually put links to my Etsy profile and store on my main webpage at!  I am feeling just a tad bit smarter today than I was yesterday!  Thanks to the apps and helping tutorials on Etsy!
I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patricks Day and Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting There!

Alrighty then....finally got my website updated over at it is of course still a work in progress but I am getting there.  Valerie at Bohemian is such a kind soul...I am really glad she invited me to join her. 

My Dad's Blue Ribbon Legacy!

Getting pretty excited about my buying trip down south.  My family and I will drive to Wyoming then down to Texas and over to Arkansas looking for treasures for my booths and enjoying our destination,  that being the treasure of family and a whole new area to find special items for everyone back home in Oregon.  For me this trip truly is about the journey not just the destination.  I can't wait to see my husband's family but I really enjoy these cross country trips.  You get to see our nation in a whole new way. 

We are looking forward to Amarillo where we have some special adventures planned for there as well!  I will keep you updated, check me out on Facebook!