Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Office Studio

I have made several posts about how pleased I am that I have been sticking to my resolution about keeping my space clean and organized.  After a friend of mine came by and told me that it looked good and believe you me she has seen it at its worst-I thought I would share how it is looking now.   I still have a couple of work in progress sections but here is the good stuff....please excuse the crappy photo quality.   I am still arguing with my iphone about this...

My gift wrapping and kids hang out station:
Here are the two towers on either side of this above station that "frame" it:

Did you notice the tags? Those are chalkboard vinyl so if I change the contents I just erase and relabel, super cool beans!

This vintage cake turntable is chippy loveliness...

 I even have my gift bags and ribbons tidied up-can you believe it?

I'd like to thank my children & friend Susie for inspiring me to finally take time to clean my pleases me to not have to climb through, over and around stuff to get at what I am looking for.   The bonus was I purged a bunch of items I wasn't using as I had originally needed them and could pass them onto others over at my booth in Walla Walla.  The lunch boxes you see on the new items page,  for example,  used to hold crafting supplies and extra camera stuff but I didn't need them anymore and as adorable as I think they are I am sure someone else will find a good use for them...same thing with a vintage gym locker basket...that flew out the door already at the store.  I have a spinning desk organizer too that is so cute but it wasn't working for me time for a new home!

My advice, take time to reaps unforseen rewards....bye bye lovlies!

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