Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roses, Herbs and Spring

I am so excited for spring...I have been plotting my garden for a couple weeks. I went to a vertical gardening class tonight and I can't wait to be able to put the big concrete wall in my back yard to use!  Check this out, so clever...can not wait to use it...I am thinking three types of basil, sweet marjoram and then rosemary for the top:

I also eagerly await planting my heirloom tomato seeds in my aerogarden to get them all ready for spring..Black from Tula grows amazing here and the taste is out of this world-plus it is really pretty.  I grew one called Violet Jasper last year that I am looking forward to planting again, a lovely salad tomato, cuts up into four nice wedges for the salad bowl and the taste is wonderful.

My lovely Eden Rose will hopefully bloom this year.  I have picked out a corner trellis design to build that will coordinate nicely with what I have in place now so I am glad to have that figured out.  Here is a picture of the Eden Rose so you can understand why I am so very excited to see them bloom:
 Happy Garden Planning!

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