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Contact me via facebook or email if you would like some help and thank you for your business!   Currently at the Country Store I have a wonderful selection of Keepers of the Light Candles plus...

I love these apothacary style candles by Keepers of the Light.  Each one burns almost 200 hours and they come in wonderful scents such as Banana Nut Bread or Almond Pound Cake...always popular is the Deluxe Sugar Cookie.  The sweet little medicine cabinet came from a barn in is rough around the edges for sure but has a timeless charm.

Update the Green Medicine Cabinet has sold but there is a white one still as shown below!
These adorable vintage picnic baskets on top of my hutch are the last of my stockpile.  They are excellent storage and stack wonderfully, I have had them six high before!  The half peck baskets shown bottom center have been reimagined as shown below.  The glass items don't show well here but there is a set of glass etched wine glasses proclaiming "cheers!" you and friends might enjoy together.  I adore the six door cabinet shown below and it is available for sale at the Country Store as well!

 Thanks for checking out the treasures I am offering you...I have a wonderful time finding these pieces of history and home plus creating a few as well.  Hope to see you soon!


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