Friday, June 7, 2013

Fancy Schmancy...

So I have shared and shared how excited we are for our new BBQ venture.  I don't think I have shared I have totally pined for a fancy commercial style stove for ever and ever.  So guess what my husband says?  Honey, we need a bigger stove, order one!  OMG can you just imagine how fast I was online and shopping for the lovely Ventura stove below...oddly enough I had this in my wish list -WEIRD!  LOL! 

So here is our stove currently, very nice, convection, dual burners...not big enough to make 3 batches at a time...
This is for sale by the way!  Original price was $2198, asking $800 - Hood Vent is also for sale $250.
-feel free to email me!

This is where the new stove will go which coincidentally is where the original wood burning stove went in 1915!
(this marble topped base cabinet will be for sale also!  Its going to get a pretty bead board back and be just cute as heck)

This is what the new stove looks like!  The new hood vent looks a lot like the old one just bigger.
Isn't she gorgeous!

Ok I will try to be good and keep up on my pictures during the remodeling process...we should be all done by the end of the month -Yippee!
Thanks for sharing with me...

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