Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everything Personal....

For all of last month we had been crushing hard on getting ready for the Pendleton Buckaroo BBQ challenge with our new BBQ venture, BBQ Buckwild.  It has been an amazing rush...organizing what we want to have showing, what we need to take, how can we do a good job making sure everything is pretty and perfect.  Well as perfect as we can make it not ever having done a Challenge before!  My sweet husband has been practicing and making some amazing BBQ.  I have been creating lots of special promo items and trying to make us look as uniquely professional as possible. 

Had a bit of a setback mid month, hence the delay in posting, computer BLUE SCREENED!  Luckily we found a great technician and he fixed me up.  The Challenge went really well and we ended up finishing 3rd in Ribs...great for our first time! 

My husband has FINALLY agreed to let me try adding to our line of please check back on the BBQ Buckwild facebook page to see our adventures on that if you are curious.  Here is a picture of the crew in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Challenge..

PS I will be posting exciting new changes to our kitchen-directly related to our sauce venture! Can't wait to share! 


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