Thursday, January 24, 2013


Now that the holidays are over I want to share one of my favorite tricks for adding that personal yet professional touch to your gifts.        Custom Labels!

This year I made several gifts from my kitchen.  One thing was homemade Irish Creme.  I wanted to reuse some Starbucks bottles I had, love that vintage milk bottle shape.  By the way if you are having issues getting the sticky off, use goo gone and scrub, scrub, scrub, then run them through your dishwasher to get the residue off and you have wonderful bottles to reuse!  Remember the lids won't be able to be resealed so you will need to let your person know that item needs to be refrigerated if it is something perishable.  Back to the labels...

I wanted simple & adorable labels so I went to my favorite supplier,  I have used them for many, many labels over the years.  For my business, employer and for personal projects.  I love, love, love that you can download a pdf template, import it into publisher and use that as a "frame" to build your label in.  They also have software called "maestro" I believe but Publisher and I are great friends so I stick with them.  I have designed water bottle labels for conventions, food labels, business cards, gift labels...even custom newsletter tabs!  I love that they have a HUGE variety of materials: color, metallic, clear and a variety of textures, glossy, matte and cardstock.  All the labels come in a custom clamshell that you can open and close easily to store your extra labels in or reuse after the project has completed.  I have to say that my absolute favorite labels are those in the clear and glossy variety.  Their adhesive is fantastic and works wonderfully.  They have a huge variety of templates and shapes and that is inspiring in itself.  I am also a comparison price shopper and I have not found anyone that touches them for pricing.

I hope you will try them out next time you need to make some custom labels for products, they have mailing labels all the way through custom water and wine bottles.  Heck they even have cigar labels!  Amazing and so great for that DIY bride or home designer.  Have fun!

They are having a contest right now too...check out this link to win an ipad Mini!  

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