Sunday, September 16, 2012

Items for the Cottage on the Hill Sale...BEFORE & AFTER!

Its kind of timely that the sale is close to Halloween because my husband called this cabinet "Frankenstein" because it was totally in pieces before it became this:

Its sister piece now looks like this:

I love this...the feet are so stinking cute! 
Here is the buffet I created as well...the top is sooooo silky soft:

with these adorable pulls for the drawers on the way!
and this my the before:

You see before you bits of a 1905 kitchen made of red fir, still smells wonderful by the way, these core pieces plus the four poster bed's posts which became the legs, the headboard which became the top of the buffet and an 1880's piano top that became the top of the 6 door cabinet created all the cute pieces shown above.  The 4 door cabinet's top is made out of the drainboard countertop from the same 1905 kitchen! 
I love these sooooo much!  They are rock solid, totally charming and utterly original!  I hope you will come to the sale at the Cottage on the Hill on September 28th and 29th and check them out....or maybe take one home!
Check my pinterest boards and see some of the other fun items I have lined up!
See you soon!

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