Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its My Birthday!

My sweet, sweet family has been so great!  The roses are planted, the bad grass dug up, the planter is a hare's breath from being finished and ready for planting!  I can't wait to get that completed.  All that is left to to is transplant my rhubarb into a new whiskey barrel planter and get the Parisienne Clematis in the ground as well as the lovely delphiniums I was able to get with my birthday gift card to Home Depot-thank you Sis for those!

I got some cool radishes and carrots to plant, the radishes are dark, dark red, almost black on the outside and the carrots are purple flame!  Then some dill and the cucumbers and beets in the big new planter.  Fun and healthy and pretty -what could be better!  Enjoy your day-I have! with lots of help from my crew!

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