Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I love BBQ...do you love BBQ too?

My sweet husband has been going crazy with real old fashioned smoked bbq....and I have been helping him!  We have come up with a new side venture called BBQ Buckwild and it is doing great!  You can check us out at www.bbqbuckwild.com if you like...but I have to show you a picture of our yummy, yummy meats and hope that you get some smoked meat soon on your plate!

above is Tri Tip with our signature rub & sauce, below is our rub on brisket, lamb & pork butt...soooo good!

these photos are a bit fuzzy but let me tell you it all tasted AMAZING!  We have really dialed in on a flavor profile that represents us and the Northwest...we are selling sauce faster than we can make it!  Thanks for letting me crow a bit...its just cool to have something that the whole family is contributing to and enjoys!  Have a great day!

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