Monday, August 29, 2011

OMG! Wonderful, Crazy Trip....

so we had a lovely, lovely time in Chelan, the water was amazing, my family & especially sweet Aunt and Uncle were welcoming and generous as always....this is where we got to stay:

BUT it was a crazy adventure getting there and most definately getting home!  My husbands girlfriend Betty (his motorcycle!) started getting fussy and so my sweet Cousin let us park her in his garage and then we were off to Chelan in the van that I was driving with the kids & luggage to enjoy those amazing waters!  On the way home she was playing nice but then just as we got about 60miles from home these beautiful crazy looking skies....

... started a lighting firestorm that was like driving through the breath of a dragon!  Sounds dramatic I know but it was crazy, the wind came up due to the fire and it was crazy smoky and huge tumbleweeds started coming out and attacking us, my poor husband was getting pushed all over the place and trying to breathe in all that smoke was aweful!  Thank goodness for our dear friend who was shopping in town and brought her ramp just in case!  She rescued Betty and a kind man gave us a strap to lock her in the back of the truck and we made it home surrounded by lighting flashes and just as we walked through the front door the rain came!  Pouring down and drowning out the flames, dust and wind and we were safe inside our home with our dogs, who had been taken care of beautifully by another dear family friend, wanting lots of love...definately not a trip we will forget anytime soon! 

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